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Smoking, Alcohol & Pornography

Smoking - All residences are smoke-free!

Each residence hall has officially been designated as non-smoking. The use of smoking materials in ALL areas of the residence halls, including bedrooms, is strictly prohibited. As such, students are required to use designated exterior areas or smoking shelters, which are located near many of the residences (Please note: smoking is not permitted around the front steps and front entrances of any of the residences.) Disciplinary sanctions and fines will be levied to those who contravene this policy. Residents will be placed "On Notice" and receive a $50 fine for a first-time offense. "On Probation" and a $75 fine will be issued to second-time offenders. Termination of a resident's contract may follow subsequent offenses.


Despite ongoing efforts in residence and in the community to educate young adults about the appropriate use of alcohol and other harmful substances, and the kinds of difficulties that can arise from their abuse, alcohol and drugs continue to figure prominently in a broad range of residence life problems.

Violations of Ontario's Liquor License Act and/or inappropriate behaviour resulting from alcohol use can trigger contact with your parents or severe disciplinary measures (including termination of your residence contract). As a student of Western University, you are also subject to the conditions of the Campus Alcohol Policy. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the policy at

Underage drinking is a violation of the Liquor License Act. If you are underage and are caught consuming alcoholic beverages, you will be subject to disciplinary sanctions, including an Alcohol Behavioural Contract. Likewise, supply or assist in the purchase of alcohol for an underage student, you will be subject to severe disciplinary sanctions.

The consumption of alcohol is restricted to your room. No open alcohol (i.e. if seal is broken) is permitted in hallways and stairwells. A condition of such permission is that alcohol be consumed from a cup (i.e., no bottles or cans). Floor crawls and any organized drinking games or activities, such as, but not limited to, "funneling," are strictly prohibited. Anything used for these activities, such as a funnel or hose, may be confiscated by the Campus Community Police.

When it is clear that a violation of the Residents' Understandings has resulted from the excessive use of alcohol, you may be required, as a condition of probationary status, to refrain from all consumption of alcohol, from attending functions at which alcohol may be served, or from returning to residence intoxicated or apparently intoxicated. We reserve the right to notify your parents if your underage drinking results in disciplinary sanctions.

Alcohol sanctions may include one of the following, depending on the severity of the incident(s):

  • Alcohol Verbal Warning
  • Alcohol Concern Letter
  • Alcohol Notice Letter
  • Alcohol Behavioural Contract - Prohibits a resident from consuming alcohol, or being under the influence of alcohol while on residence property, for a specified period of time.
  • Alcohol Awareness Seminar - Requires a resident to attend a mandatory seminar to increase his/her understanding of the misuse of alcohol and its effects.

Bottles, Cans and Kegs

Broken glass from beer bottle has been a consistent problem in residence. In order to ensure the safety of our residents, beer of any kind may only be brought into residence in single-serving aluminum cans and consumed by those who are of legal drinking age. Kegs, 3.8 litre liquor bottles (i.e., "Texas Mickeys"), mini-kegs, cylinders, "bubbas," and other large-volume containers (e.g., larger than 26 oz./769 mL for spirits or wine, or containers of 5 Litres or more are not permitted in residence The making of beer, wine or any other alcoholic beverage by any means is prohibited.

Substance Abuse and Illegal Drugs

Excessive use or reliance on over-the-counter substances or prescription drugs can create difficult social and behavioural problems that compromise residence life. Circumstances that bring addiction, dependency, recreation or other inappropriate use of substances to the attention of staff will prompt investigation and/or disciplinary sanctions. Use or possession of illegal drugs anywhere on residence property is a violation of the Residence Contract. Evidence of drug traces or drug paraphernalia, including hookahs and bongs (as they are commonly associated with illegal drug use), or the smell of prohibited substances (e.g., marijuana) on residence property, in residence rooms or common areas will be assumed to be conclusive of use or possession. Delayed response in opening your door and/or attempts to remove or mask the smell will raise further suspicion of involvement in drug activity. Western University does not tolerate drug-related offenses. Severe disciplinary sanctions will be imposed, and can include termination of your Residence Contract.

Objectionable and Obscene Material

Behaviours that erode the spirit of diversity within the residence community will not be tolerated. Examples of this type of behaviour include the communication of objectionable material to others. Objectionable material can include racist, homophobic or sexist jokes, hate literature, pornographic materials, or any other materials that may be offensive to others.

This policy includes verbal communication or the posting or publishing of material, written or electronic, within the residence, including your residence room. The file sharing functions of your computer are considered to be in the public domain, therefore you will not use the University's network (RezNet) for file sharing of objectionable materials.

Please note that in accordance with those sections of the Criminal Code of Canada, (e.g. section 163) the possession, creation, distribution and publication of obscene material and/or child pornography is a criminal offense.

Offenses involving objectionable or obscene material may result in disciplinary sanctions, including the termination of your residence contract as well as the notification and intervention by the appropriate legal authorities.


Gambling is prohibited in residence.

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