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The front doors of each residence are locked 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Access is by student card (student areas in Elgin Hall are locked 24 hours, while the front doors are open during business hours to allow access to the Housing office). Front desk staff are available in various residences during the day, and accessible by telephone on a 24-hour basis. You should carry your keys with you at all times to access the residence.

You will receive your room keys when you arrive. Out of concern for the safety and security of all residents, access into and inside the buildings is controlled. You are not permitted to lend your keys and discipline sanctions may be applied if you do.


Your guests are required to show valid photo identification when entering the residence on weekends. As well, your guests will not be granted access to the building unless they are accompanied by you. Overnight guests may stay at your discretion; however, out of consideration for your roommate, his/her consent is required prior to inviting any overnight guest. You must limit the stay of your guest to no more than eight days per semester and no more than two nights in the same week. You are reminded that entertaining guests is a privilege which may be withdrawn for various reasons.

In order to maintain adequate security in the residences on weekends, you are required to register your guests (not exceeding two people) at the front desk. Your guest may be asked to leave at any time if it is deemed by residence staff that the individual is not acting in accordance with the Residence Understandings as outlined throughout this website. There may also be occasions when disciplinary sanctions are taken against you for the behaviour of your guest(s), so please be careful about whom you sign in as a visitor.


You may bring a bicycle to residence; all of the residences have bike racks nearby, and some have covered bicycle storage areas. As bike thefts sometimes occur, always lock your bike and register it with Campus Community Police Services. We recommend the use of a U-shaped bicycle lock rather than a cable lock. If you would like to use a bicycle storage area, a key can be signed out to access it from the front desk. Please ensure your bike is properly secured and locked to a bike rack, even if you are using the bicycle storage area.

Please be sure to review the Building Safety Information .

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