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Welcome to the Residence FAQ page! Click on the question link to reveal the answer. Can't find what you're looking for here? Contact us.

How can I contact the Housing Office? click to see or hide answer

Our contact information is:

Division of Housing and Ancillary Services
Room 3C10 Ontario Hall
Western University
230 Sarnia Road
London, Ontario N6G 0N2
Phone: 519-661-3547
Fax: 519-661-3687

The Housing Office is open Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm

Does the University offer apartment-style housing? click to see or hide answer

Yes! Please visit our University Apartments website for more information on apartment-style housing.

Can I conduct commercial transactions in residence? click to see or hide answer

Commercial transactions or soliciting not authorized by the Division of Housing and Ancillary Services or by Western University are not permitted in residence. This applies to both residents and non-residents.

Residence Eligibility
Am I eligible for residence? click to see or hide answer

To be eligible for residence, you must be a single student without children who has been admitted for full-time studies at Western's main campus. Students who accept an academic offer from Brescia, Huron or King's are not eligible to live in our residences.

Married students or students with families are not eligible for residence and should contact Platt's Lane Estates by phone at 519-679-4561 or by e-mail at You can also visit them online.

I'm entering first year. How do I apply for residence? click to see or hide answer

For more information, please visit First Year.

How does the guaranteed offer process work? click to see or hide answer

Guaranteed Residence Offer: As long as you meet the guaranteed residence offer criteria, you will automatically receive a residence package with your academic offer. You will have an opportunity to rank your residence/learning community floor preferences, and indicate a roommate, meal plan selections, and other lifestyle preferences. Please note that, while we do our best to accommodate your requests, we are unable to guarantee that you will be placed accordingly. However, if you work hard at your studies and take advantage of the many opportunities for academic support in residence, you will enjoy a successful experience in any of our residences.

How does the waiting list process work? click to see or hide answer

Residence offers will be made to students on the waiting list if vacancies occur throughout the summer.

How do I get into residence after first year? click to see or hide answer

All students who are single and studying full time on main campus are welcome to apply to live in residence after first year. Applications are available online in mid-November. Returning students enjoy placement in single rooms in a residence among their top-four choices.

I'm an upper-year student. What if I'm not accepted into my program? click to see or hide answer

If you are not accepted to a limited admission program (e.g. law, medicine, dentistry, etc.) at Western, but have been admitted to the same program at another university, you will be refunded the full $900 prepayment on the condition that you submit a written request with supporting documentation for the refund within the current academic year.

What are the residence fees? click to see or hide answer

Please view our fees page.

What are the residence meal plan rates? click to see or hide answer

Please view our fees page.

When do I pay for residence fees? click to see or hide answer

In mid July you will receive access to our online Residence On-boarding Process (ROP) that will include your residence fee statement, residence contract and building assignment. Residence fees are due no later than August 1, 2017. If you do not submit your first instalment of residence fees by the deadline date, your residence space will be canceled. If space permits you will then be placed in temporary housing. The minimum first-term instalment is $7,000 ( $4,000 for Alumni House and London Hall residents without a meal plan). This payment is in addition to the full residence prepayment fee of $900, which will be credited to your account. Second instalment payments are due January 16, 2018.

For detailed payment information, please visit Payment Plan

What if I am receiving OSAP? click to see or hide answer

OSAP funds are disbursed after you arrive at the University in September. In order to receive your funding, please refer to the Student Financial Services website for information on how to pick up and process your OSAP documents. If you are an OSAP recipient, you are still required to pay $4,000 on or before August 1, 2017 and you may defer $3,000 to September 29, 2017.

Can I pay my fees through online banking? click to see or hide answer

The following residence fee payment options are available:

  • Online Banking
  • Bank Draft
  • Money Order
  • Certified Cheque
  • Personal Cheque
  • Interac (in-person only)
  • Western Union (preferred method for international students)
  • International Wire Transfer PDF file

Read more about payment methods here.

Do I have to pay the full amount if I get a single room late in the semester? click to see or hide answer

No. The charges are prorated from the time you accept an offer for a single room.

How do I withdraw from residence? click to see or hide answer

As regulations provide that tenure will be for the full academic year (e.g. for undergraduates September to April), applications for withdrawal will be considered only under exceptional circumstances. Withdrawal will be contingent on your assuming financial responsibility for your full fee (including meal plan overhead costs) until a replacement acceptable to the Division of Housing and Ancillary Services has taken up residence and has assumed financial responsibility for the remainder of the full residence fee. Prior to leaving, you are also required to fill out a withdrawal form, which is available at the front desk.

Is there a fee for withdrawing from residence? click to see or hide answer

All students who withdraw from residence or are required to withdraw for any reason whatsoever, or who have had their residence contracts terminated, will be assessed an $900 withdrawal fee, not as a penalty but as liquidated damages to cover the Division of Housing and Ancillary Services' costs. As all residents are required to be full-time students of Western University, if you withdraw from the University, you will be required to withdraw from residence, and will be assessed the withdrawal fee. In addition, if the withdrawal is the result of a contract termination, the University reserves the right to charge any remaining residence room and meal plan overhead charges.

What if I decide to cancel my residence offer before September? click to see or hide answer

If you decide to cancel your residence offer before the academic year commences, half of the $900 prepayment will be refunded to you if your written notice of cancellation is received by the Residence Admissions Office no later than August 1, 2017. If you cancel your residence offer after that date, you will forfeit your $900 residence prepayment. If you are an upper-year student, and are not deemed full-time or are not academically admissible according to the Registrar, by August 1, 2017, your residence contract will be cancelled and your residence prepayment will be refunded.

What if I decide to transfer to an affiliated college of the University? click to see or hide answer

If, after accepting residence accommodation in Alumni House, Delaware, Elgin, Essex, Medway-Sydenham, Perth, London, Saugeen-Maitland or Ontario Hall, you elect to transfer to one of the affiliated colleges (Brescia, Huron, or King's) your residence deposit fee will be forfeited, and you will be subject to all applicable charges and withdrawal regulations. No transfer will be permitted from the residence halls to university-owned apartments and vice-versa.

Do I receive a tax receipt for living in residence? click to see or hide answer

The Residence Admissions Office does not produce tax receipts for students living in residence as per CRA Guidelines. Ontario students may claim an Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit of $25 on Form ON-BEN. No receipt is required for this claim. For more information on the Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit, please visit the Ontario Ministry of Finance website.

Meal Plan
How do I purchase additional food credit? click to see or hide answer

When your residence meal plan or flex dollars are depleted, you can add more money at the Meal Plan Office, room 176A, at the Centre Spot in the University Community Centre or the Housing Office, room 3C10 Ontario Hall during regular business hours.

You can also add funds online using a credit card.

How do I check my balance? click to see or hide answer

Each time you make a purchase with your meal card, the cashier will be able to tell you how much you spent and what your new balance is. Please advise the cashier right away if you notice a discrepancy. You are in control of your own food credit budget and have complete flexibility in menu selection and eating times.

What happens if I lose my Western ONECard? click to see or hide answer

Simply report that your card is lost to any cashier and it will be immediately invalidated. You will be held responsible for any charges against your account until proper notification of the loss of your card is received. Your card can be replaced at the Registrar's Office (room 1120, Western Student Services Building) for $31 (cost subject to change).

What if my card is not functioning properly? click to see or hide answer

Simply report that your card is lost to any cashier and it will be immediately invalidated. You will be held responsible for any charges against your meal plan account until proper notification of the loss of your card is received. When you report your card lost and it is invalidated, it cannot be reused if you should find it. To "validate" such a card or to have it checked out if it is not functioning properly, you must go to one of the following locations:

Student Central:
1120 Western Student Services Building
For Student Central's office hours, visit

Residence Admissions Office:
Room 3C10 Ontario Hall
Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Meal Plan Office:
Room 150, Lambton Hall
Monday to Friday
11:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

If you lose your card, a temporary card may be issued by your residence kitchen. A temporary card is exactly that... temporary. Once the temporary card has expired you will be required to pay cash until you have replaced your card. A replacement Western ONECard can be purchased at Student Central, 1120 Western Student Services Building. The cost of a replacement card is $31 (cost subject to change).

Can I lend my card or borrow someone else's card? click to see or hide answer

No. The residence meal plan is non-transferable. Only you are entitled to use the card to purchase food items. If you willfully use another student's card or allow your card to be used, you will be subject to disciplinary sanctions. The use of a meal card that isn't yours constitutes theft.

What if I have special dietary needs for religious or medical purposes? click to see or hide answer

If you have special dietary requirements, it is important that you refer to the daily menu to ensure appropriate dietary selections. We highly recommend that if you observe food restrictions for medical or religious reasons, or have severe food allergies, you contact your food services unit manager upon arrival in September and meet with the nutritionist.

Read more on Special Dietary Needs PDF file

What if I run out of food credit before the end of April? click to see or hide answer

When your residence meal plan or flex dollars are depleted, you can add more money at the Meal Plan Office, Room 150, Lambton Hall or the Housing Office, Room 3C10 Ontario Hall during regular business hours.

You can also add funds online using a credit card.

Residence Life
What are the benefits of living on a learning-community floor? click to see or hide answer

What will you gain from living on a learning community floor, beyond your regular residence life?

  • An easy way to meet people who share your courses or interests
  • Specially designed initiatives and events
  • Easier access to study groups and social activities
  • Enhanced career and life skills
  • Increased academic potential due to a particularly supportive environment
  • A fun and exciting place to live!
What is a faculty learning community? click to see or hide answer

Faculty learning communities provide a tremendous opportunity for students to enhance their academic experience. Students living on these floors benefit from the friendship and support of being in direct daily contact with other first-year students who share their classes, academic interests and course load. Each of these floors provide residents with informal out-of-class contact with professors as well as initiatives designed to complement their interests such as career nights, academic counselling, exam review sessions, and opportunities to connect with faculty members.

What are the interest learning community floors in residence? click to see or hide answer
  • LGBTQ & Ally Floor
  • Healthy Lifestyle Floor
  • Creative Arts Community
  • Leadership Development Community
  • Volunteer & Service-Learning Community
  • Quieter Lifestyles Floor
  • Alcohol Free Floor
  • Enviro
  • Single Gender

You can find lots of valuable information about our living learning community floors.

What is the policy regarding alcohol in residence? click to see or hide answer

Despite ongoing efforts in residence and in the community to educate young adults about the appropriate use of alcohol and other harmful substances, and the kinds of difficulties that can arise from their abuse, alcohol and drugs continue to figure prominently in a broad range of residence life problems.

Underage drinking is a violation of the Liquor License Act. If you are underage and are caught consuming alcoholic beverages, you will be subject to disciplinary sanctions, including an Alcohol Behavioural Contract. Likewise, supply or assist in the purchase of alcohol for an underage student, you will be subject to severe disciplinary sanctions.

Violations of Ontario's Liquor License Act and/or inappropriate behaviour resulting from alcohol use can trigger contact with your parents or severe disciplinary measures (including termination of your residence contract). As a student of Western University, you are also subject to the conditions of the Campus Alcohol Policy. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the policy at

The consumption of alcohol is restricted to your room. No open alcohol (i.e. if seal is broken) is permitted in hallways and stairwells. A condition of such permission is that alcohol be consumed from a cup (i.e., no bottles or cans). Floor crawls and any organized drinking games or activities, such as, but not limited to, "funneling," are strictly prohibited. Anything used for these activities, such as a funnel or hose, may be confiscated by the Campus Community Police.

When it is clear that a violation of the Residents' Understandings has resulted from the excessive use of alcohol, you may be required, as a condition of probationary status, to refrain from all consumption of alcohol, from attending functions at which alcohol may be served, or from returning to residence intoxicated or apparently intoxicated. We reserve the right to notify your parents if your underage drinking results in disciplinary sanctions.

Alcohol sanctions may include one of the following, depending on the severity of the incident(s):

  • Alcohol Verbal Warning
  • Alcohol Concern Letter
  • Alcohol Notice Letter
  • Alcohol Behavioural Contract - Prohibits a resident from consuming alcohol, or being under the influence of alcohol while on residence property, for a specified period of time.
  • Alcohol Awareness Seminar - Requires a resident to attend a mandatory seminar to increase his/her understanding of the misuse of alcohol and its effects.
Residence and Room Assignment
When will I know my residence assignment? click to see or hide answer

Residence assignments, along with your contract and residence fee statement, will be available online in mid July.

How is room assignment done? click to see or hide answer

A computer-generated lottery is used to assign students to rooms and match roommates. The program considers the information that you provide on your online Residence Placement Questionnaire, including your lifestyle preferences, building preferences, roommate preference and other information you tell us about yourself. If the residence of your first choice is filled by the time your lottery number is reached, you are assigned to the residence of your second choice, depending on availability, and so on until everyone is placed. Please keep in mind that the smaller residences fill up more quickly than the larger ones.

Please note: You may be placed in extended housing (e.g. larger rooms converted to accommodate extra students or alternate accommodation converted into residence spaces). We reserve the right to assign rooms based on availability, including combining multiple residents into rooms, within reasonable limits of safety and comfort, in situations of high-demand.

Please note: Although you are given an option to tell us where you prefer to be placed, we are unable to guarantee that you will be placed in a building that is among your preferred choices. Based on situations of high demand, placement in the building of your last choice is a possibility. There are significant factors and constraints that affect and limit our ability to place you in a specific building, floor or room type.

When will I know my room assignment? click to see or hide answer

You will find out your room assignment and your roommate's name when you arrive. Because we will be assigning rooms right up until move-in day, we are unable to inform you of either your room location or your roommate's name until your arrival.

Will I be placed with my preferred roommate? click to see or hide answer

Students who wish to room with a same-gender friend will be placed as roommates provided that:

  1. both have received residence offers and have returned the required documentation to secure their residence spaces prior to room assignment (July)
  2. both have ranked their preferences identically
  3. both have requested each other as a roommate
What room arrangements do I have to make if I have special needs? click to see or hide answer

Students requesting accommodation of serious special needs must submit the required special needs request form to the Residence Admissions Office, Room 3C10 Ontario Hall by the deadline date indicated for their year of study. It is important to note that requests that do not include this form, completed in full, will not be considered.

Please note that students who are placed in a residence based on special needs consideration must be able to be self-sufficient and able to handle and manage their own needs and/or mobility concerns while in residence. We make every effort to accommodate special needs residents, however, we are unable to provide additional staff or resident support for personal care assistance.

Please consult our Special Needs Information Page here:

Can I move to another residence or room? click to see or hide answer

There is a settling-in period until Thanksgiving. After that, building and room switches are occasionally permitted (or required). Such switches occur only under exceptional circumstances and are at the discretion of the Residence Life Management Team. Students who are moved to another residence will be charged/credited any differential in room or meal plan rates.

Residence After First Year
Can I live in residence after my first year of university? click to see or hide answer

All students who are single and studying full time on main campus are welcome to apply to live in residence after first year. Applications are available online in mid-November. Returning students enjoy placement in single rooms in a residence among their top four choices.

How do I apply as a returning student? click to see or hide answer

After first year, all students who are single and studying full time on main campus are welcome to apply to live in residence after first year. Applications are available online in mid-November. Returning students enjoy placement in single rooms in a residence among their top-four choices.

You must have a valid nine-digit student number and four-digit PIN to login to myHousing to complete a residence application. If you do not have a valid student number, please contact us at 519-661-3547.

What if I am a transfer, exchange or graduate student? click to see or hide answer

If you are single, studying full-time on main campus, you can apply online for residence once you have received an offer of admission to Western University main campus. You will need a valid Western student identification number to be eligible and to log into myHousing to complete a residence application. Although priority is given to returning Western students through our lottery process, we welcome all applications and add them to our waiting list in date-received order. Residence offers will be made throughout the summer depending on availability.

If you do not have a valid student number, which you will have received with your academic offer, please contact us at 519-661-3547.

Move-in Instructions
Are there special instructions for moving into residence? click to see or hide answer

Each residence has its own move-in instructions. Once you receive your building assignment in July, you can find residence-specific move-in instructions (including map) on your building's webpage. You will note that certain directions require that you take a slightly longer route around the city/campus, but they present the best way to access your residence on the busiest day of the year.

What does the University provide in my room? click to see or hide answer
  • bed frame and mattress (203cm (80") long by 91cm (36") wide by 15cm (6") deep)
  • desk and chair
  • closet
  • dresser
  • desk lamp
  • wastebasket and recycling bin
  • corkboard
  • bookshelves
  • mattress protector
May I use my own furniture in my room? click to see or hide answer

No. Furnishings must be properly assembled and meet safety standards, therefore, the only furniture allowed in student rooms is university-issued. Overstuffed, plastic, or combustible furnishings procured from other sources may be a safety hazard or pose an increased risk of fire.

Can I "customize" and disassemble my furniture the way I like? click to see or hide answer

No. For safety reasons no furniture is to be disassembled for any reason, nor is furniture to be reassembled in a manner for which it was not originally designed. Any furniture that is disassembled will need to be reassembled by a recognized professional at the student's cost. Any student who takes apart his/her furniture in any way will face disciplinary sanctions.

Can I get a small refrigerator for my room? click to see or hide answer

Refrigerators brought from home must be in excellent working condition and conform to all safety, health, and size regulations. Maximum size: 65 cm (26") deep, 55 cm (22") wide, and 90 cm (35") high. Refrigerators are provided in all suite-style residences.

What should/shouldn't I bring with me to residence? click to see or hide answer

We've put together a list of items that you should and should not bring to residence. Check out the list.

What shouldn't I bring with me to residence? click to see or hide answer

For your safety, comfort and convenience, as well as for the consideration of other residents, please do not bring the following items into residence:

  • appliances - including, but not limited to, dishwashers, microwaves, freezers, washers and dryers, sandwich makers, hot plates and indoor grills. However, toaster ovens are allowed in suite-style residences only
  • candles and incense
  • cigarettes/cigars/pipes, hookahs and bongs, as they are commonly associated with illegal drug use; all residences are smoke-free!
  • draperies
  • furniture, including chairs, desks, beds and waterbeds
  • halogen lamps
  • heaters and heat lamps
  • pets (including fish, turtles, iguanas, birds, etc.)
  • water coolers
Are early arrivals possible? click to see or hide answer

Our residence staff are not in place nor are the dining halls operational until move-in day. Please do not plan to arrive before your scheduled move-in day. Early arrivals will be turned away and alternate accommodation will have to be found until your scheduled arrival time.

We are aware that some students are required to arrive on campus before their scheduled move-in day. These include residence staff, sophs and council members, varsity athletes with practice schedules that commence before move-in day, students whose academic program begins early and international students. If you fall under one of these categories, you should expect an e-mail in mid-August that outlines your early arrival information. No early arrival request is necessary.

For international and out-of-province students who could not make alternate travel arrangements to arrive on the designated dates, you are required to submit an online early arrival request. Please submit your early arrival request via myHousing by August 1, 2017. Should your request be granted, please note that there is a charge of $50 for each extra day of accommodation.

Moving belongings into a residence room, regardless of whether the resident has moved in or not, constitutes moving in, and is subject to the per diem rate.

How can I be sure I'll get along with my roommate? click to see or hide answer

Most students look forward to living in residence and having a roommate. It can be a very positive experience and lots of fun. It is very important to remember that roommates do not have to be best friends. There will be times when you and your roommate disagree on issues within your living environment.

Experience has shown that the following issues need to be discussed by roommates to prevent misunderstandings:

  • Use of personal items
  • Study time in the room
  • Different sleep schedules
  • Visitation and guests
  • Cleanliness/tidiness of room
  • Use of stereo/TV/telephone
  • Time for socializing
  • Space for clothes/luggage
  • Food in the room
  • Lifestyle
What if I'm having difficulties with my roommate? click to see or hide answer

If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship with your roommate, you should consider approaching your residence advisor or residence don as soon as possible. They can assist you in identifying feasible communication strategies or, if necessary, they may intervene if you and your roommate are unable to resolve the situation on your own. Your residence life staff member is trained to help you with your roommate situation using a number of key steps:

  1. Your residence life staff member will listen carefully to your concerns and encourage you to talk to your roommate about your concerns.
  2. Your residence staff member will follow up with you to see how your discussion with your roommate went.
  3. Next, your residence life staff member will speak directly with your roommate to gain further insight about your situation. It is important that you inform your roommate that you have talked to your staff member about your difficulties, so that when the staff member speaks to your roommate, it does not come as a surprise.
  4. Then, your residence life staff member will request that you and your roommate(s) participate in roommate mediation should matters not improve.
Residence Amenities (RezNet, phone, TV, etc.)
How do I collect my mail in residence? click to see or hide answer

Except on holidays and during winter break, mail is delivered and picked up at every residence hall. At the beginning of the semester, your floor will be assigned a mailbox. A floor representative will pick up the mail daily, except in Essex where students have their own mail boxes. Packages and large envelopes will be left at the residence clerk's office and a note will be sent up with the mail directing you to pick up the item. To retrieve your package you must bring the note and provide identification.

Drop your outgoing mail in one of the Canada Post mailboxes located in each residence. You can purchase stamps at the post office in the University Community Centre.

Can I have my own telephone in residence? click to see or hide answer

As part of an internal intercom system, an intercom is provided in each room (traditional-style residences) or suite (suite-style residences). Each of these intercoms are equipped with room-to-room calling, access to the front desk, and access to Campus Police via 911.

Suite-style Residences
Students in suite-style residences may bring their own phones and set up their own service with an outside service provider.

Is cable provided in residence? click to see or hide answer

In the suite-style residences, cable television and telephone connections are available which can be activated by contacting a local service provider. In the traditional-style residences, cable is not provided in the bedrooms. Splicing of TV cables is not permitted and may result in disciplinary sanctions.

Can I store my bike in residence? click to see or hide answer

You may have a bicycle on campus, but be aware that only some of the residence halls have bicycle storage areas. Bike racks are located near every residence hall. Always lock your bike. If you keep your bike in your room, you may not put bike hooks in the walls or ceilings, and you will be billed for any damage to the room or furniture resulting from storing the bicycle. You may not chain your bicycle to stair railings, pipes or other fixtures in common areas. If you store a bicycle in an unauthorized area, it will be removed.

Is parking available at the residences? click to see or hide answer

Parking is allowed only in designated areas. Unless you park at a meter you must register with Parking Services. A parking permit will be issued for your specific car that will be valid in designated lots. Parking regulations are strictly enforced. Please do not endanger the safety of other residents by parking in the fire route for which there is a minimum fine of $100.

If you bring a car or motorcycle to campus, be sure to familiarize yourself with the parking and traffic regulations issued by the Parking Services Office. To obtain a copy of the regulations, call Parking Services at 519-661-3973.

Is public transportation available on campus? click to see or hide answer

Public transportation is available on campus. London Transit Commission bus passes are available at no additional cost to all full-time undergraduate students through the University Students' Council. Further details are available at the Info Source in the UCC Atrium or the University Students' Council office at 519-661-3574.

Are bathrooms single gender? click to see or hide answer

Although the bathrooms in the traditional-style residences are cleaned on a daily basis, you are responsible for cleaning up after yourself. This means not only taking personal items back to your room, but also placing trash in designated containers, and removing any dishes you may have washed in the sink.

Are laundry machines available in residence? click to see or hide answer

Card-activated laundry facilities are available throughout the residence hall system. Irons and ironing boards are available for your use.

Do the caretaking staff clean my room for me? click to see or hide answer

Each resident is reminded that the caretaking staff is responsible for general maintenance only. Responsibility for the neatness and cleanliness of the residence is shared by all residents. (In Alumni House, Elgin and Essex Halls, suite checks are carried out by the residence staff at regular intervals.) Charges for clean-up of extraordinary waste or mess will be billed to the resident(s) responsible if they have not completed it themselves within a reasonable length of time. Vacuum cleaners are available at the residence clerks' offices and may be signed out by students on a short-term basis.

What if something in my room needs repairing? click to see or hide answer

Facilities Management has a maintenance staff of electricians, carpenters, trades workers, plumbers and painters who work to maintain a safe and attractive living environment for students. If you have a room maintenance request, including concerns with extreme heat or cold, please contact your front desk personnel. They will direct your request to the appropriate maintenance personnel for their consideration. We will do our best to try to contact you to arrange a suitable time to complete any necessary repairs. Occasionally, it may be necessary for maintenance personnel to enter your room to do the work whether or not you are present.

Can I hold my own special event in residence? click to see or hide answer

Any special event or group activity held in residence or using the residence name must have the prior written approval of the Residence Manager. The host group shall be responsible for any duties or costs associated with the event.

What is RezNet? click to see or hide answer

RezNet, or Residence Network, provides campus-wide network connectivity and internet access to all residences at Western. RezNet enhances your learning experience by providing access to numerous online academic resources. Most first-year students subscribe to RezNet. With a 97% subscription rate, most students find RezNet to be a valuable tool for their academic and web browsing needs.

Read more about RezNet at

How do I sign up for RezNet? click to see or hide answer

Simply check "yes" on the online residence placement questionnaire. Your residence fee invoice will reflect the applicable RezNet charges. RezNet service for the 2016-2017 academic year is $360.

You may still sign up for RezNet by following the myHousing link and making changes to the information that you provided on the online Residence Placement Questionnaire/Application.

What if I need help with RezNet? click to see or hide answer

Although you are responsible for getting connected to RezNet, we have an excellent student support team available to assist you with configuration issues. The RezNet hotline will be open on both move-in days to provide assistance to students. A number of helpful tips and the RezNet Hotline's hours of operation can be found on the RezNet Website and the RezNet Handbook.

What is the recommended configuration for RezNet? click to see or hide answer

Almost any computer can connect to RezNet. We currently support computers with Windows 7, Vista, XP and all current versions of Mac OS X.

What if I need a new computer? click to see or hide answer

The University owns and operates a computer store that offers a full line of computers, accessories and software often at special pricing. Just contact the Campus Computer Store for more information!

Tel: 519 - 661 3520
Fax: 519 - 661 3350
E mail:

Student Support Services
What is the Residence Education and Programs Office? click to see or hide answer

The Residence Education and Programs Office works with the Centre for New Students, the Office of the Registrar, and various other offices on campus to create the optimum environment where residents can reach their potential and be academically successful. Programmers facilitate activities, such as social events, guest speakers, skill development workshops and films. All activities are geared toward helping you get acquainted with university life and developing your academic, personal and professional potential.

Who are the residence staff and what do they do? click to see or hide answer

Going away to university is a big step. That's why the residence staff (residence dons, residence advisors and academic and leadership programmers) are here to help. They help to build a sense of community on the floors and to make your year the best it can be. So, got a question? Need advice? Your staff member's door is just a few steps away!

Safety and Security
What kind of safety precautions are taken in residence? click to see or hide answer

At Western, safety is important to us. You should feel comfortable knowing that we go to great lengths to provide a safe residence environment. The front doors of each residence are locked 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Access is by student card (student areas in Elgin Hall are locked 24 hours, while the front doors are open during business hours to allow access to the Housing office). Front desk staff are available in various residences during the day, and accessible by telephone on a 24-hour basis. You should carry your keys with you at all times to access the residence.

Does the University have a policy on emergency closures? click to see or hide answer

A state of emergency or other unforeseen developments (e.g., severe weather conditions, fire, labour disruption, outbreak of illness) may make normal residence operations difficult or impossible to sustain. Utilities may not be available, and food services may be limited. The Division of Housing and Ancillary Services reserves the right to require you to vacate your room if residents' safety is compromised or on 48 hours written notice. Should this happen, all residences (or sections thereof) will remain closed until further notice. No access is permitted when residences are closed. In the event accommodations assigned to the student are destroyed or otherwise made unavailable and the University does not furnish other accommodations, the contract will terminate; all rights and liabilities of the parties will end.

What do I do if there is an emergency in residence? click to see or hide answer


If there is an emergency in residence, call the front desk or 911. By calling the front desk, in-house residence staff and Campus Community Police will be notified. They will then contact the appropriate emergency services to reach you much faster and without delay as they are familiar with the specific residences and other campus facilities. Calling 911 directly will connect you to the Campus Community Police. For NON-EMERGENCY situations, they can be reached at 661-3300.

Are ambulance services available at the residences? click to see or hide answer

The health and safety of students living in residence is very important to us. If it is deemed necessary, the University reserves the right to request an ambulance to transport you to a hospital. The University will not assume liability for any costs of ambulance service. Please note that you can expect to pay any applicable ambulance charges (between $50 to $300).

Are there emergency phones in residence? click to see or hide answer

There are several campus emergency phones in place on the main university campus. These phones act as a direct link with the Campus Community Police, which can immediately mobilize fire, police and ambulance services to assist you. A map identifying the location of the emergency phones can be obtained from university Parking Services. As well, all pay telephones on campus are equipped with free one-touch speed dialing to the Campus Community Police.

Do I have to walk alone at night on campus? click to see or hide answer

The Western Foot Patrol provides safe escorts on the main and affiliated college campuses, deters crime through patrols, and promotes safety awareness. Mixed gender teams in distinctive blue and silver jackets will walk you safely to/from your destination, and are available Sunday to Thursday from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m., and Friday and Saturday from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. Western Foot Patrol also operates a safety resource centre and the Work Alone program, which enables students who are working and studying alone on campus to register for regular check-ins by mixed gender teams. To contact Western Foot Patrol for any services, or to volunteer, please call 661-3650 (ext. 83650 from residence or free from any campus pay phone) or visit them at the University Community Centre, room 47.

What is SERT? click to see or hide answer

Student Emergency Response Team (SERT)

SERT is a student-run volunteer organization affiliated with Student Health Services. SERT members respond to all medical emergencies on campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Recognized by the Ministry of Health as the first response for Western, SERT is dispatched directly through Campus Community Police Services by calling 911 from any campus phone or residence front desk. SERT also provides First Aid certification training.

Residence Policies
Are there policies in place for keeping common areas clean in residence? click to see or hide answer

You share with other residents the responsibility of maintaining the common areas in a clean and sanitary manner. Consideration for others and the common courtesy of cleaning up after yourself are essential aspects of residence hall life. By properly disposing of your trash and actively participating in the recycling program by taking your recycling materials to designated areas, you help maintain a healthy environment. Failure to keep kitchen areas, bathrooms, and hallways clean violates the Residents' Understandings and may result in disciplinary action. If you have any questions about the cleaning of your residence hall, consult your residence staff member.

Is there a code of conduct for residents? click to see or hide answer

While in or about the residence, each resident will contribute to the maintenance of an atmosphere conducive to community, study and sleep. Consideration for other residents will be shown at all times. Please review our information about respect and residence conduct here.

What is a community standards meeting? click to see or hide answer

Over the years, we've found that there are less problems and more open communication within a floor community when the residents on that floor are able to provide input on what they expect to achieve from their residence life experience. Residence staff and sophs facilitate these "community standards" meetings. The residents themselves design a standard for the floor for the year, with emphasis on how to work together as a community when facing common residence problems, i.e., excessive noise, untidy washrooms, etc.

Are there policies in place for privacy in residence? click to see or hide answer

Each resident will show the utmost respect for fellow residents' privacy and property. Security is a matter of concern for the University; therefore, exterior residence doors are locked in the early evening. Residents are required to use their keys to gain access into their residence halls after this time. Residents should lock their room doors at all times.

Are there policies in place for the treatment of residence staff? click to see or hide answer

Members of the kitchen, caretaking and maintenance staff, residence clerks and residence staff are to be treated with courtesy at all times. Failure to live up to this standard of behaviour, through using abusive, profane or threatening language, for example, may bring about disciplinary action, which may include being placed on probation.

What is the Commitment to Diversity? click to see or hide answer

We are all part of a diverse community at Western. In the residences, our philosophy embraces acceptance and appreciation of all people, regardless of race, national origin, sex, age, gender identity, affectional or sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, spiritual practice or disability, or any other dimension of personal lifestyle.

We work and live together while maintaining an environment of mutual respect and interpersonal curiosity, and strive to engage in positive interactions. We, as persons and students, can learn from one another and become citizens with a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, our fellow person.

We believe that we are responsible for our actions. We will behave in ways which model our values about the respectful treatment of each member of our community, while expecting others to do the same.

We agree not to subscribe to attitudes or actions which degrade or hurt another person on the basis of age, physical ability, national origin, race, sexual orientation, gender, religious affiliation, or the like. Any form of harassment, verbal or written abuse, threats, intimidation, or violence does not conform to our philosophy and will not be tolerated. Likewise, we will not accept ignorance, anger, and alcohol or substance abuse as a valid excuse, reason, or rationale for such negative behaviour. We believe that society is strengthened by human diversity and the progressive growth fostered by an inclusive community.

We believe that each and every person has equal worth and should be treated accordingly with dignity and respect.

Portions of the information on this website have been taken from the Residence Handbook. If there is any discrepancy between the copy on the website and that of the printed Residence Handbook for the current academic year, the most recent printed version will be deemed as correct.

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