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Endangering Behaviours

For your safety, there are areas in every residence building to which you are not allowed access. Restricted areas include mechanical and electrical rooms, rooftops, kitchens, and maintenance rooms.

Under no circumstances should you (or any guest) throw or allow any object to drop from a window. Should this happen, residence staff will be obliged to apply disciplinary sanctions to the individual(s) involved. Furthermore, tampering with a window screen creates a safety hazard and will result in a $50 fine.

Boisterous Behaviour

Boisterous behaviour is not acceptable in residence. The playing of sports or games including, but not limited to, basketball, bicycle riding, frisbee, roller blading, skateboarding, football throwing, running, floor hockey and squirt gun/water fights, is not permitted in the hallways, lobbies or common areas of the residences.

Weapons and Explosives

For your protection, firecrackers, knives, firearms, capguns, dangerous weapons or any object considered dangerous to the health and/or well being of fellow residents, are not allowed in residence. Disciplinary sanctions for those who contravene this policy may include appropriation of the weapon, in-house sanctions, and/or intervention by the appropriate legal authorities.

Respectful Treatment of Others

We will not tolerate verbal or written abuse, threats, intimidation, violence, or other forms of harassment against any member of our community. Incidents of harassment should be reported to residence staff and to the University Police.

If you engage in harassment, threaten or physically assault another resident, the Residence Life Management Team may terminate your Residence Contract depending on the severity of the incident. The University will not accept ignorance, anger, alcohol, or substance abuse as an excuse, reason or rationale for such behaviour.

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