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Behaviour Management

The primary purpose of our residence behavioural management process is to educate students with regard to their actions and responsibilities, protect the residence community from conduct violations, and maintain an environment that supports learning.

Consistent with that purpose, efforts are made to foster the personal and social development of those students who are held accountable for violations of the Residents' Understandings. The behavioural management system is designed to promote self-discipline and the capacity to respect the rights of others. Whenever possible, an emphasis is placed on educational sanctions as opposed to punitive measures.

Our residence behaviour management model is guided by the principle of progressive discipline. Under this principle, Housing's response to misconduct must contribute to the personal development of the student, who will be held accountable for his or her actions and given a second opportunity to demonstrate good character after a single minor violation, and who, in the event of additional violations, will receive more serious sanctions.

Please click here for information on the possible sanctions that may be imposed against inappropriate behaviour. Please note that this chart is not extensive and some exceptions may occur.

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